3P Consultants

Our team comprises professionals with diverse capabilities, experience, and industrial expertise.

3P Culture

The3P Culture

We, at 3P Consultants, promote a nurturing, professional, and inclusive workplace where individuals can thrive.

We deeply value each of our employees and encourage a mindset of innovation, integrity, collaborative working, and transparency. Our employees act with honesty and in a responsible manner at the workplace and outside it, supporting varied social causes and organization-led CSR initiatives.

  • Growth and Training
    Growth and Training

    As a leader in the retained executive search industry in India, 3P Consultants believes in creating adaptable, multifaceted and reliable individuals through trainings, industry exposure and continual learning. We help our employees advance their careers and add value from the day they walk in our office.

  • Transparency

    Our founders have always encouraged an open-door environment at 3P Consultants. Clear communication and collaborative efforts are at the core of what we do and hence, managers, supervisors, partners and even the founders are always accessible in case you want to discuss anything.

  • Process-Driven

    We, at 3P Consultants, invest in the most thorough efforts to have robust processes in place. As a Company which is result-oriented, our processes yield results and ensure accountability.

  • Trust

    3P Consultants believes in supporting and empowering its employees. Our ethics are what define us and we are committed to building strong trust and connections through results, reliability and responsibility.

  • Inclusivity

    At 3P Consultants, inclusivity has always been nurtured and encouraged. We have an enthusiastic team, where everyone encourages and supports each other. While we grow as a Company, we ensure that no one is ever left behind.



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