We are trusted industry experts, delivering astute guidance to our clients.


We are trusted advisors and industry leaders committed to delivering intelligent advice to our clients.

We are known for our honesty and attention to detail, and our advice is always personalised to our client's needs. Our expertise in the field is recognized by peers and clients alike through references and repeat business.

  • Deep Knowledge
    Deep Knowledge

    We have a track record of building deep client relationships, thereby providing better quality and service. We address organizational needs at various stages of the growth curve with clients ranging from start-ups to privately held family firms to diversified groups and multinationals.

  • High Touch
    High Touch

    We are trusted consultants to large Indian and global multinationals and fast-growing and well-established companies. Our approach is consultative, and we recommend candidates who would help the organization create and sustain a competitive advantage.

  • Thorough knowledge of the Universe of candidates
    Thorough knowledge of the Universe of candidates

    Our global model affords genuine collaboration for seamless, non-parochial candidate solutions across relevant geographies and industries; clients commend our creativity and thoroughness, not just “the usual suspects.” Our organisation has a 33-year track record of success and continues to expand.

  • Rigorous, Systematic and Thorough Vetting of Candidates
    Rigorous, Systematic and Thorough Vetting of Candidates

    We conduct thoughtful candidate assessments to ensure you are seeing candidates who match your cultural needs and meet the breadth of experience you are looking for.

  • Global Network
    Global Network

    3P Consultants has a global network of affiliate partners and leverages this global reach to access global talent.

  • Diversity

    We treat diversity as a basic tenant and consciously work towards including diverse candidates across all our searches to bring a fresh perspective to the organization.