An insightful exploration of the strategic shift in workforce dynamics by Vaishali Parekh. The article on “The Golden Handshake” brilliantly navigates the complexities of balancing experience and youth for organizational success.

Early retirement is a golden idea which most older executives dread to think of although it has its own perks. The mantra today is to be active and productive as much as one can. You must have heard of The Golden Handshake offered by Deloitte India to its senior partners to equip their workforce with younger partners.

The question that arises in one’s mind is “Is this a right move for better prospects as an organization? “To answer this question better, we must understand why this offer is being made. We all are aware that the big audit and assurance firms have been trying to gain a strong foothold in the management consulting arena using their financial and personnel expertise.

To be a winner in the market, is shedding your older crew a game changer? With experience comes knowledge, a silent and steady drive to achieve results and maturity to manage the teams. Would a younger partner achieve the same with ease. Would your subordinates and executives deal with their younger seniors with equal respect? Would they be able to create a trustworthy inclusive environment?  Would the market leaders and your clients look at your company as a better business partner because you have a younger workforce.

The lesson to learn from this dynamic talent markets situation is, wearing one’s own entrepreneurial cap would help an individual to seek professional nirvana!

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