“If your actions inspire others to dream more,
learn more, do more, and become more,
John Adams

Leadership has never been an easy trait to manage. From being in the grind of the organizational operations to micro-managing the business stakeholders has always been a roller coaster ride for most.  All those who have played pivotal roles in their corporate journeys over decades are witnessing a big evolution of management practices and leadership patterns.

We all are aware that the Industry evolution from 1.0.to 5.0 has posed its own suite of challenges and threats which in turn have increased the expectations from corporate leadership teams.

Just a few decades ago, the leadership looked like tapping new markets, boosting the top line, and improving the bottom line. Whether or not honchos from that era agree, it has always been a number game that would keep the management motivated to work harder.  These golden years seem to have passed long back. The tough part is that these challenges still remain and raise the bar higher for the entire company.  All of us still struggle with numbers, corporate performance targets, and with our financial statements.

Our modern society too has undergone a metamorphosis thereby expecting the current workforce and top managers to accept and adapt to these changes. The new cultural buzzword is DE&I which clearly wants us to change the way we conduct business.  As a leader, you are supposed to not just practice inclusivity for all groups but promote representation of these individuals too. The organizational cultural paradigm is entirely changed.

Teams too have evolved over the years, making team handling a different ball game altogether. Even the best team managers seems to be struggling with team management due to the changing demands of its members. For years organizations ignored mental health-related issues faced by the team members due to the stigma attached to it.  Slowly but steadily, teams have been empowered, policies have been changed and rules & regulations have been modified to solve such conditions. With changing times leaders have taken it seriously to combat this taboo and have come out as winners.

Technology has caught pace by leaps and bounds, making it a mammoth task for old leaders to catch up. Digitization and AI have started replacing old technologies increasing the financial burdens of companies.  One who is complacent about their systems would become obsolete soon.  Making yourself ready for the future is an absolute must.

With Russia declaring war on Ukraine, Cross border tensions in India, and fear of Global recession hitting the markets high, the Indian economy has seen unprecedented upheavals in the recent past. This hanging sword of uncertainty in the business has increased the burden on the shoulders of the management.  The rat race that companies are facing for snatching their share of business from the market doesn’t seem to be coming to an end.

Time will say what the future holds for the next generation, but a mindset change is required from the leaders of tomorrow. Practicing empathy while taking care of Inclusion and representation by every segment of society is an absolute must. Every individual seeks support from their manager which one must be able to provide.  Communicating with your team candidly on a regular basis could resolve a lot of unpleasant scenarios. Eventually,

“Great Necessities call forth Great Leaders.”
Abigail Adams

Ms. Vaishali Parekh
3P Consultants