Unrelenting work pressure, exhaustion, and stress can lead to a state of emotional and physical burnout. Evidence suggests that at least 7% of industry professionals have been impacted by burnout.

Take these four steps to pave your way toward recovery and burnout prevention.

Practice self-compassion

Burnout causes feelings of failure, helplessness, and a lack of motivation. In situations like these, it is imperative to grant yourself the love, empathy, and support you need to overcome.

Seek support

Confronting burnout is not effortless. You can reach out to coworkers, family, and friends for support. Professional guidance by a therapist can help in identifying factors contributing to burnout and coping methods.

Focus on internal recovery and practice mindfulness

Encourage yourself to meditate and practice mindfulness, as it promotes a peace-oriented lifestyle. It aids in relaxation and allows one to connect with themselves.

Set boundaries

If you struggle with not being able to say no, you are most likely to experience burnout. Hence, learn to set boundaries in the workplace and preserve your physical health.

Burnout may feel insurmountable. But implementing these four steps, one can recover and advance toward a sustainable career.